Where can I buy QuickStep® cleaners?

You can buy QuickStep® cleaning products at any of our dealer locations. To find the dealer nearest you, click here.


How do I maintain QuickStep® laminate floors?

The daily maintenance routine consists of removing dust and loose dirt. This can be done with dry cleaning. With the QuickStep® maintenance set you can clean dry as well as slightly moist. When cleaning dry, the microfiber tissue collects all dirt effectively thanks to its special shape and material. For more intensive maintenance, a slightly moist clean is sufficient. For the slightly moist cleaning, the microfiber tissue is moistened with the water spray and a little QuickStep® cleaning product, or you can use a well-wrung floor cloth. For cleaning floors with bevelled V-grooves, it is recommended to only clean dry because moist cleaning may cause the dirt to accumulate in the bevelled grooves and this will be difficult to remove. For this reason, you must always vacuum the floor first or clean with a dry microfiber tissue. Then use a slightly moist tissue if necessary. Always use a dry microfiber tissue to finish cleaning.


How do I clean my QuickStep® floor?

All QuickStep® floors are Anti-Static. Consequently, there is less attraction of dust which results in easy-clean surface. The closed surface of the floor does not allow bacteria to adhere. Therefore, QuickStep® is the hygienic floor par excellence. To maintain the 25 year QuickStep® Warranty, use the cleaning products available from QuickStep®


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